Comedy Dining Shows

So you’re looking for a Comedy Dining show at your next event then make sure you check out Drew Cameron’s Comedy Dining Show, the premier comedy dining experience. So lets start at the top, Drew Cameron is a seasoned comedy impressionist, as seen on TV multiple times. Drew’s expert subject to detail makes he’s Dining show one of the very best out there. The characterisation of each comedy personality will have your audiences laughing their socks off from start to finish. So lets look at your comedy dining options;

"During the war we ad comedy dining shows on the pacific, but they were nothing compared to Drew Cameron's Comedy Dining Shows"

Uncle Albert say's

This is where Drew Cameron’s comedy dining show really took to life. As Drew has and is still performing the iconic characters not only in his life stage show but also his wedding crashing service this was really an amazing start to the comedy dining options. Imagine have your restaurant / hotel / event taken over by Del, Uncle Albert, Rodney and Boycie for one night only, this can be a reality. With live sketches, audience participation, this show is one of the most sought after Only fools & horses dining show’s out there! The show consists of Drew Cameron himself alongside two highly trained impersonators which for the entire night you will believe your really in Peckham.


So expect laughter, props, and iconic scenes galore as we take a journey down hookie street and full experience the Only fools and horses dining show.

Now if your looking for a dining shows with a little broader aspect that just the Only fools & horses fans then take a look at this brand new show for 2018. Drew has cleverly taken all his favourite characters, which he has been, preforming as for many years and put them into a unforgettable dining experience. So expect to see Manuel from Faulty towers, Mr Bean, Ozzy Ozbourne, Ali G, Michael Caine all at one dinner party just a to name a few.

What you get with your booking

One of our main selling points to book a Comedy Dining show is the fact you get the seasoned professional that is Drew Cameron. Drew not only knows how to work an audience but his characterisation of comedy icons makes this show stands out from the others. With Drew at the helm this night will run seamlessly along with carefully selected impersonators that are proved and tested.

Only Fools & Horses Dining Show

Drew Cameron Comedy Dining Characters